Fighting the Da Vinci code with hunger

People are complaining about a work of fiction since they believe that some people take it seriously. Some have suggested that it should even carry a health warning since they think that people won’t be able to separate reality from fiction.

This is what a large number of us have been saying about the Bible for years but this isn’t what the news article is about. It’s Christians complaining about the Da Vinci Code film. Some are demanding a ban, others wanting blasphemous scenes cut.

It’s like Star Trek fans protesting against the new Star Wars films on the basis that it’s going to make people doubt the truth of Star Trek.

A man in India is on hunger strike to try to stop the film. I haven’t yet quite seen a good explanation for why God is too bloody lazy to come and make his wishes known. Instead he replies on self-appointed delusional people to threaten suicide in order to get his way.

Here’s something odd I noticed. The story has been updated. A group taking the lead in the hunger strikes and calling on others to starve themselves to death is the Catholic Secular Forum. Joseph Dias is their general secretary and so seems to be leading this little stunt. From looking at the announcements it would look like he’s been on hunger strike since around the 10th of May. He was recently quoted as saying I will continue my fast until they ban the film. India seem unlikely to ban the film. This means that within the next 60 days or so one of two things will happen. Mr Diaz will prove himself a liar and find an excuse for breaking his word and end his hunger strike or he will kill himself all because a film upset him. Bloody hell, priorities people!!

I’m wondering what on earth the Catholic Secular Forum is? Wouldn’t this be like forming the “Vegan Meat Eaters Forum”? Presumably they focus on non-religious topics. Going on a hunger strike because a flim offends your religious sensibilities doesn’t sound very secular to me. Telling people to risk permanent damage to thier health or even death for such a cause doesn’t sound terrible secular either. Based on these protests and the rather religious tone of their slightly loopy leader, I can’t see how these people are secular in any way at all. They seem to be good old fashioned conservatives/fundamentalists.

On a slightly more optimistic note it seems that Islam isn’t going to stand alone when it comes to issuing death threats and offering rewards to the faithful assassin who can execute blasphemers. Already Dan Brown has a number of rewards on his head. Hindus have also been getting in on the fatwa game.

As always, it’s not God issuing these rewards. It seems to be self-appointed guardians of the faith.


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