Hidden messages in the Bible?

Who would have thought it. The good folk over at The True Bible Code site predicted that Manhattan should have been reduced to a radioactive smoking ruin but no-one there seems to have noticed this.

This isn’t the first duff prediction, they admit themselves that they have made 7 predictions to this effect and on each occasion the chosen day passes without event.

Their predictions are based on interpreting hidden messages in the Bible. Now, you might conclude that the Bible is simply a collection of stories, not some divine instruction manual.

The poor people of Manhattan had better be careful from the 30th of July through to the 1st of August. Seems the UN building will be nuked with ‘Physical fire from heaven’s’ thrown in as an added bonus.

— Update — 2nd of August

Phew, we’ve managed to dodge the bullet again. Seems the prediction wasn’t entirely accurate, I know this because Manhattan is still there. I respect the honesty of the people running this site, they have had another stab at guessing the date of this attack and they freely admit that this is guess number 9.

The question is, how long can they keep this up before they realise that the Bible is just a second-rate history book. Also, if by coincidence, Manhattan should experience some kind of attack – will they revel in their prediction and ignore the large number of failed attempts.

I can sit here all day claiming it’s 2pm. I’ll be wrong most of the time but once a day I will be right. This isn’t some a supernatural ability to tell the time, it’s just dumb luck or probability.

We can’t take it easy just yet. It seems that Manhattan is due to be blown to bits sometime between the 4th and 5th of August.

— update 15th of August 2006 —

Wow, we must be living a charmed life. Seems that the predicted attack failed to materialise on the 4/5th of August. A later prediction for the 11/12th of August also proved incorrect.

They have set two new possible dates.

12/13 August 2006 (I think the 13th is more likely since everyone knows that it’s an unlucky number)
25/26 August 2006 (Numerology, popular with the great Uri Gellar, could hint at these dates being likely)

2*5 = 10
10 + 2 = 12
12 divided by two gives us two sixes. Add this to the remaining 6 and we have 666.

As you can see, we’re in pretty serious trouble here. Their site also suggests that a prohpecy for the UN to lose it’s head has come to pass since the UN clearly lost control of Israel when they invaded Lebanon. Of course some might ask at what stage was the UN ever considered to be in control of Israel?


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