The love affair of terrorists and the left

Elements of the left-wing in the UK seem to find something magical in terrorist groups. Islamic who murder or deny basic human rights are welcomed with open arms. This despite the fact that these terrorist luvvies would not last very long in a country/region ruled by Islamic law.

Take a look at the Stop The War Coalition web site. Do you notice something odd?

At the time of me reading this, there was only mention of Hezbullah on the page and this to say something nice.

Hezbullah says it will end its firing of rockets into Israel immediately, if Israel stops the total destruction of Lebanon. Israel’s response is to intensify the bombing. The result is more retaliation from Hezbullah and more tragic civilian deaths.

The rest of the page is anti-Israel to the point where you have to wonder what exactly do these people really want?

I’m not particularly a fan of Hezbullah or Israel but it’s pretty obvious who is winning the media war. Hezbullah are being painted as the freedom fighters bravely tackling the great bully Israel (and Bush & Blair by proxy). Hezbullah continue to fire rockets in to Israel. The have a long history or terrorism. They are not the freedom fighters the media make them out to be.

Seems that if you belong to an unsavoury foreign group, the best thing you can do is befriend the left wing. They really don’t give a shit what you do back in your country. As long as you’re against the US they’ll support you. It’ll be interesting to see George Galloway shaking hands with a delegation from the Iranian Anti-Zionist Paedophiles Brotherhood – I’m sure he would admire their indefatigability and ignore the children they bugger.

If the anti-war protestors are at all serious about this, they must direct equal criticism towards Hezbullah and their supporters. Israel is certainly playing her part but is by no means the bag guy here.


2 Responses to “The love affair of terrorists and the left”

  1. Jakob Says:

    Of course Hezbullah are terrorists, I doubt that any thinking individual would object to that. But even in the world of terrorists, there are orders of magnitude – Hizbullah are not (like for example Hamas) explicitly devoted to the destruction of Israel as a state, and having a look through Israeli casualties caused by Hizbullah action reveals that the civilian/military casualty ratio comes to about 1/3. That’s a pretty good number if you compare it to the Israeli’s (which is nigh impossible to calculate but ends up at between 5/1 to 7/1 depending on what estimates one goes for).

    (1/3 also a very good number if one compares it to, for instance, the civilian/military kill ratio that the Allies notched up aginst Nazi Germany. Them “area bombings” that Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris pushed for really did the job!)

    Sending rockets into Israel is a war crime – there’s no way they can hope to hit Israeli military targets and so it’s a deliberate targeting of civilians – and on one happy day I hope to see Nasrallah in Hague for it. But I also hope to see Olmert, Netanyahu and Halutz there with him.

    Hizbullah are terrorists, but since they now have support figures of about 85% of the Lebanese population, and has suspended rocket fire into Israel now that the ceasefire kicked in, they are also the only de facto popular resistance against Israeli military occupation. In other words, they’re not as nice as the French Resistance (who never explicitly targeted German civilians) was in WWII, but they’re not as nasty as the IRA (who REALLY targeted British and/or Protestant civilians) was during the Troubles, either.

    I think an Israeli withdrawal in accordance with UNSC resolution 242 is the only viable, long-term peace option.

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Agreed, withdrawl is the solution here. Since Israel is a democratic state, they have the obligation to take the moral high ground.

    There are definitely many different flavours of terrorism. I don’t think Hezbullah fighters should be tried for war crimes for these rocket attacks. A civilian court seems the best place for them. Otherwise any idiot who picks up an AK-47 and a balaclava can assume the same rights as a professional soldier. The IDF are another story. If there is a basis for bringing IDF or government members to court, they should receive the same treatment that Serbia. Of course this won’t happen, even if the IDF were to release a training video entitled “Babies, the easiest and most rewarding of targets”.

    Granted Hizbullah aren’t quite as bonkers as Hamas and the Israeli occupation can only be a positive thing for them. Hamas are amusing though in that their charter references a fictional book as being the zionist plan. Kind of like the US changing their constitution to something like..

    “And the US shall be ever vigilent to strike against the Islamic menace and their plans as outlined in True Lies and The Sum of All Fears that we rented from Blockbuster last night”

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