Compulsory ‘acts of worship’

I went a Catholic secondary school (the UK equivalent of a High School I think) called St John Rigby, West Wickham. You might know the school as being the place where Colleen McCabe, the kleptocratic school head used school funds to finance a lavish lifestyle for herself and her cronies. Of course this all came to an abrupt end when the police came calling. She’s since served time in prison and I believe she’s been released. Not bad for an ex-nun who counted members of the priesthood among her cronies who were siphoning money out of the school.

So, we have one pretty serious example of major hypocrisy but that’s just a side story really. During religious education classes we would discuss Christianity and one of the key points was that we have a choice. I recall specifically asking if it was right to force people to worship a god and the answer received was a clear no.

Since it’s a religious school there is a certain amount of bowing and scraping you’re expected to do in order to appease the bipolar bronze-age god of war. This took the form of daily assemblies where everyone gathered in a hall to hear inspirational speeches from the head (remember, the one who was defrauding the school so she could cloth her bloated thieving body) followed by some singing. They used to keep us in during our breaks if they felt that we weren’t singing good enough for god. Opting out of this wasn’t an option. So, to recap… You don’t have to worship god but if you don’t, you will be punished. And this receives funding from the tax payer. Wonderful.

The reason I got thinking about this is an article claiming that the Catholic Education Service asking to remove a rule that allows students of 16 and over to opt out of religious worship.

The law used to require the parents to request that their 16 year-old legal adult off-spring be allowed to opt out of praying. The CES is seeking to return to this state of affairs. This is a reasonable request assuming they plan to take over funding for the schools wishing to implement this. It’s bad enough that tax payers already pay for children to be exposed to fairy tales but then to allow these schools to force people who are legally adults to say prayers is silly and shows little respect for human rights.

If this change is allowed then what next? Homosexual students being forced by the school to take part in heterosexual relationships for the ‘good of the community’? African students being forced to attend school organised line-dancing to make them more white?


2 Responses to “Compulsory ‘acts of worship’”

  1. BigHeathenMike Says:

    Hi Sean,
    I’ve added you to my blogroll ’cause, you know, you rock and all that! Should have had you up much earlier and I apologize for that. Great piece above, by the way. The line between “free choice among adults” and “do it because I say so and I speak for Invisible Man” was crossed long ago by the churchies. Bastards….
    Enjoy your weekend, bro.

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Hey Mike thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the link. This site could use a bit of a boost. Since I left my old hosting company, it’s been taking a while to get the traffic up again.

    That school left me with mixed feelings. Yeah it’s pretty grim to send a kid to a Catholic school but from what I’ve seen among my old class, it’s a bloody great way to make sure your kid becomes an atheist.

    Nice weekend

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