The eternal wisdom of God #1:Wives and camels.

Since books like the Koran and the Bible are the word of God, we should expect to find eternal truths, historical accuracy and advice that is as relevant now as it was when it was first written.

Today we look to the Koran for some sagely advice.

“A wife should never refuse herself to her husband even if it is on the saddle of a camel.”

Thanks Mohammed, very useful.


2 Responses to “The eternal wisdom of God #1:Wives and camels.”

  1. Jerry S Says:

    Now where the hell do I find a camel…

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    ebay of course sir. Their Dromedary section is particulary good.

    You think you’ve got problems, I’ve been trying to buy a panda now for months but none of the shops here carry them.

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