Restraint is a virture

(I decided to rewrite this because the original version was more aggressive than I had planned and just long and boring.)

A simple but of advice to the Muslim world.


The recent speech by the Pope, regards Islam, has yet again brought the faithful out on to the streets. Fundamentalists, upset at Islam being accused of being a violent religion, did the only rational thing. They protested, burnt a couple of churches and killed a nun. Death threats have also been issued as per usual.

The irony is obviously lost on them but this situation is not terrible surprising. A believer sees the texts of God and follows them as divine instruction. Outsiders see a mess of contradiction, false history and crazy claims. When fundamentalists cling to these texts, it’s no wonder they get confused and behave in a way that seems irrational to us.

Handy tip to the zealots of any religion. If you want to be tolerated or respected, you can’t run around acting like retarded 4th century witch hunters. You have to prove that your religion is worthy of respect. Islam a religion of peace? That must be based on a different Koran to the one I’ve read. Perhaps it was a very poor translation or maybe I’m just not interpreting it correctly.


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