Struck by lightning? Thank God!

I came across this story in the James Randi Swift newsletter.

Lightning Strike Survivor Describes Experience

This woman was struck by lightning and left in a pretty sorry state. Ruptured eardrums, burns, blurry vision and her breathing stopped. Despite this, she has a new-found respect for mother nature and God. Here is what she said.

“I’m blessed. I’m blessed, and it was all because of God,” Galarzo said.”

Seems like another one of those silly cases where someone has a very bad accident yet praises the gods afterwards for allowing them to survive. Wouldn’t it be better to ask why the gods allowed the accident to happen in the first place?

If God is blessing people by striking them with lightning and allowing them to survive, what does he do to his enemies? Assuming that lightning is out of God’s control, God can come off as the selfless good guy. This raises many philosphical questions but the main one for me is, why does he not save more people?

Why is he chosing to save a small number of people while allowing many more to die in slow horrible ways. Does he not like the people who die? If someone is struck by lightning and dies, should the church refuse to bury that person because God obviously didn’t like them?

Assuming that lightning is under the control of God, he is meant to be omnipotent after all, why didn’t he simply stop the bolt from hitting her in the first place. Can we assume that everyone who hasn’t been struck by lightning is more favoured by God? In more primitive societies, her co-religionists could condemn her as an enemy of God because he chose to strike her down.

I suppose the key question is, why do simple minded people attribute their survival to God when it must be him who put them in that danger in the first place. If I kidnapped you, would you praise me as your savior when I finally tkae your blindfold off and release you?

God’s followers are far more predictable than he is.


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