Alive newspaper and natural marriage

It’s been a good week. Not one, but two copies of the fundamentalist Catholic Newspaper Alive were shoved through my letterbox. This means I have plenty to write about.

First, a reminder of what this newspaper is all about. I only call it a newspaper out of courtesy. In reality it’s more like a monthly dose of propaganda, opinion and intolerance.

To give you an idea of the mentality of this newspaper, you only need turn to the editorial page. Since the whole rag is full of editorialising, you would wonder why they need a separate page. It would be like me trying to pass this web site off as an unbiased look at religion. I am not that dishonest though.

In the editorial this month, regarding a piece discussing treachery against young couples, we are told the following.

No attempt whatever is made to explain why contraception is morally wrong, what the Church teaches about spacing children, nor the wisdom behind that teaching and how it enriches a marriage.

I fail to see how considering contraception to be morally wrong can be considered wise. Perhaps people suffering from STDs (up to and including AIDS) would disagree. Perhaps abstinence isn’t the answer to overpopulation? Looking in my dictionary, I fail to see how this stance can be described as wisdom. Wisdom can come from ancient teachings, but ancient teachings should not be considered wise simply because they are ancient. In 17th century London it was wise to avoid drinking the local water, instead beer was the healthy option since the brewing process reduced the bacteria. These days, our water system is far more advanced and so water is the healthier choice.

Moving on, we have an article regards the US debate regards same-sex marriage. Alive, being the impartial news source refers to traditional marriage as natural marriage. Personally, I feel the term traditional marriage to be more accurate.

A marriage of a man to a woman is traditional, this cannot be disputed. Is this arrangement natural? No! Many other forms of relationships have existed in the past, long before natural marriage. The Penn & Teller series Bullshit did a particularly good job of debunking this.

Would you describe football as a natural sport simply because it’s the most popular sport in the UK? No, you could not. It’s a traditional sport but it’s certainly no natural. Marriage is an artificial construct, it was invented by us.

I am happy in a traditional marriage with a woman. Does if affect my happiness if two woman across the road from me decide to get married? Does it affect me if the man next door decides to take a second or third wife? Of course not. As long as they are consenting adults and they are happy with the arrangement then I say good luck to them.

I would much rather see two men happily married than a man and woman trapped in a loveless marriage because the Catholic church refuses to allow or acknowledge divorce.


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