Creationism in Turkey

It’s a strange world in which some Americans can find common ground with fundamentalist Islam. The common factor is creationism.

According to Reuters, creationists are attempting to fight Darwin’s theory as an atheist plot.

Huseyin Celik, the Turkish Education Minister, is quoted as saying:

“If it’s wrong to say Darwin’s theory should not be in the books because it is in line with atheist propaganda, we can’t disregard intelligent design because it coincides with beliefs of monotheistic religions about creation.”

This is nonsensensical reasoning. Creationism is a religious philosophy. Darwin’s theory is based on scientific reasoning that is testable and falsifiable. Darwin’s theory has nothing to do with atheism, it does not attempt to determine whether or not there is a god. All it does is explain how species evolve, not how life was created in the first place.

Creationism should certainly be part of a philosophy or religious education class but should not be considered to be on any kind of par with evolution.

Essentially, the two topics are totally different things and are no more related than bananas and motorbikes.

Turkey is a relatively advanced country. They have a strong secular background that has allowed Islam to live alongside secular law but this kind of thinking harks back to the middle-ages.

The irritating thing is that creationists speak the same language. They use the same justifications for getting creationism that have been refuted many times over.


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