The continuing battle against gays

A rather sizable Christian group in Northern Ireland is fighting to block legislation that promises equality for all. Their objection is… er.. that it will give gays “preferential status”.

By preferential status, they mean that gays will enjoy the same legal protection enjoyed by ethnic minorities and the handicapped. Curiously, no Christian group has come forward to condemn equality being awarded to paraplegics.

The key issue here is that these Christians know that they are right, at least in their minds. They should be allowed to discriminate against gays because that is what their holy book tells them to do.

To quote Colin Hart of the Christian Institute

“They almost appear to establish a right for homosexuals not to be disagreed with.”

Actually, they the legislation means that Colin and Graham Norton have the same right to not be turned away by a business simply because of their sexual orientation. Colin should be happy since it would also be illegal for a gay bar to refuse him entry simply for being straight.

Let’s end with another quote from Colin.

“It is a preferential status which will drive a coach and horses through religious liberty,”

Religious liberty all to often involves the removal of liberty from others. They are crying out for their freedom while missing the irony that they are asking for their right to remove the freedom of others, all in the name of religion.

Colin is still free to dislike gays. He is free to consider menstruating women to be unclean and untouchable. He is free to believe that a man should be executed for hoovering his house on the sabbath.

Should he be free to ban gays from his shop? Should he, if he were a teacher, be allowed to refuse to educate a girl because she is menstruating? Should be be free to execute the hoovering man, all in the name of religious liberty?

Liberty always comes at a price. I have lost the right to murder you so that you can have the right to not be killed. This is sensible. Allowing Colin and his band of bronze-age delusionals the right to violate basic human rights to please their imaginary friend is not sensible.

See BBC News for more details.


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