Praise the Holy Tree Stump of Mary

Praise the holy… er.. tree stump

I can see where Protestants are coming from when they rail against Catholic ‘idol worship’.

A Hacked Tree Stump on a Desolate Street Draws Hopeful Prayer (From James Randi’s site).

Mary has a habit of appearing in strange places. She has appeared on windows, walls, doors, toasted cheese sandwiches, tortilla chips and many other strange places. God works in mysterious ways but Mary is clearly as nutty as a fruitcake

I wonder whether Mary decides on this herself or does God chose her Venues?

God: Good morning Mary, I’d like you to make an appearance today to inspire faith
Mary: Good idea Lord. Shall I appear in person to a large crowd and point out where our faithful have interpreted the Bible incorrectly and so putting an end to centuries of killing and abuse?
God: No, I’d like you to make your face appear on a KFC Zinger Burger.
Mary: Good idea.
God: Next week you can appear in person to an illiterate peasant girl. I’m sure she’ll be more than capable of spreading the good word

Her latest appearance is on a tree stump in Passaic, New Jersey. According to the news article that Randi links to, up to 400 faithful have gathered to pay their respects to Mary’s latest visit. Local Mexican business owners have paid to turn the area in to a shrine with walls, lighting and other amenities.

The article has this text:

It is considered auspicious that the sign on the highway above the shrine reads “Exit 12.” The 12th day of the 12th month is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico.

Religious/mystical thinkers love to find significance in meaningless numbers. I’m sure there are plenty of other numbers found in the immediate area that have no relevance. Here are some other mystical numbers.

21: The stump is under route 21. 21 divided by 3 (the trinity) gives us 7 which is the number of God.

19: Passaic traces it’s development from the 19th century. If we divide 19 by 3 (the trinity), we get 6.3. We can remove the decimal point and call this 6 times 3, 666.

19: It’s the same century in which the Holy Roman Empire came to an end

Here’s some further reading that helps explain this silly behaviour.

Pareidolia (seeing what you want to see)
Numerology (meaningless numerical coincidences)


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