What orbits around Earth?

Copernicus is spinning in his grave. When I first saw this <a href=”http://randi.org/jr/2007-01/010507phil.html#i11″>story</a&gt; on James Randi’s site, I wasn’t quite sure if I should believe it.

The story describes a clip from the French version of <i>Who Wants To be A Millionaire</a>. Now this kind of show is not exactly high-brow viewing, even so, you’d hope that a room full of adults wouldn’t have been capable of getting this question wrong.

The contestant is asked >i>What orbits around Earth</a>?

He is give four choices. The moon, the sun, Mars and Venus. He didn’t know the answer so he decided to ask the audience – bloody bad idea. A small majority of the audience opted for the sun.

We all these people educated at Pat Robertson’s Liberty University, their slogan being “If it ‘aint writ in the Bible then it ‘aint done happened”.


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