Psychics are harmless?

It doesn’t seem very harmless to tell a couple that their abducted child is dead, only for the child to be found safe.

I doubt it would happen but I’d hope that the parents are able and willing to sue Syvlia Browne for the distress caused, not to mention the time wasted searching the area where she said the body would be found. The parents must have been desperate to go on Montel’s show too seek the advice of this self-proclaimed psychic.

This isn’t the first time she has been dramatically and disturbingly wrong. The Stop Silvia Browne web site has a pretty decent record of her antics.

Stop Syvlia Browne


2 Responses to “Psychics are harmless?”

  1. Austin Psychic Powers Says:

    Personally, I think all this psychic powers stuff is plain baloney.

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Excellent link, thanks. I laughed my arse off when I read this text on their site.

    “How To Develop Your Own Valuable Psychic Powers To Use Whenever, Wherever And However You Wish, And Never Be Disappointed By “Psychic Hotlines” Ever Again; Guaranteed”

    What they are suggesting is that instead of letting yourself get scammed by pyschic hotlines, let them scam you instead. Imagine this advert:

    “Are you tired of being the victim of fraud. Have you signed up for numerous get-rich-schemes and always lost your shirt? Well, no more. Simply send us $500 dollars and we’ll tell you how to avoid being scammed in future. For an additional $200 dollars, we’ll tell you about our get-rich-quick-scheme. What’s the difference between theirs and ours? Ours works!!!!!!”

    I honestly believe that some people would fall for the fake advert I just wrote. I wonder if it’s legal to post these things on a web site to see who responds?

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