Three cheers for Lord Falconer

Three cheers for Lord Falconer. In the recent battle over equal rights in the UK, he’s shot down the requests from Ruth Kelly to allow Catholics to discriminate against gays. Ruth Kelly may or may not be biased in this request. She is not just a Catholic, she is a ‘super Catholic’ as a member of Opus Dei. Putting her in charge of ensuring equality under the law is like placing Michael Dell in charge of deciding whether or not the government should use Dell computers.

I’m hoping this law and the resistance to exemptions is a turning point for equality in the UK. Catholic organisations have argued that they will shut their orphanages and other ‘charitable’ ventures rather then stop discriminating. This is an excuse for the exemption that has been used by Kelly. If the Catholic Church is allowed such an exemption, I wonder what happens if the a racist group were to found a church open splendid orphanages that refuse to take black babies for ideological reasons?

I’m sure the BNP could use the same excuse that Cardinal Murphy O’Connor used in his letter to Downing Street.

“act against the teaching of the church and their own consciences”

Imagine the storm as Bishop Dave of the Church of The One Pure Race congratulates the government on allowing them to keep their “no blacks, no Irish and no Jews” policy in their orphanages.

Tony Blair could re-use the statement he’s made regarding the Catholic Church.

“The key thing we have to remember in all of this is the interests of the children concerned and that there are arguments on both sides.

Oh but we can’t complain since they do such wonderful work for white kids, well, white kids who come from good aryan stock. Arguments on both sides my arse. These people can’t be allowed to claim to be doing charitable work while blatantly violating rationality and human rights on the other. Better to stop giving money and tax-breaks to the church, just allow the state or secular organisations to take the money instead.


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