Accusing children of witchcraft

Why would we need a law specifically making it illegal to demonise a child, i.e. accuse them of witchcraft? Seems like a silly idea for a law, kind of like having a law that specifically makes it illegal to kill John on Tuesday.

Who would be mental enough to accuse a child of being a witch? Pastor Dieudonne Tukala would, according to this article article.

The good pastor came to join us from Africa, where the absurdity of Islam and Christianity are multiplied to the power of buffoon. When he came, be brought some habits of the old country with him. A BBC investigation linked him to a case where a father branded his son with a steam iron because he believed him to be a witch. He is reported as telling parents to send their children to Africa so he can pray for them to die.

Police were unable to prosecute because there’s no law against accusing children of being witches and then praying for them to die. Arguably the pastor should be taken care of using the Mental Health Act.

Perhaps the pastor will petition Ruth Kelly to be exempted from laws forbidding murder? After all, we can’t allow the right to superstition and violence to be trampled by human rights.


One Response to “Accusing children of witchcraft”

  1. Lauren Says:

    i don’t think witches are real cuz they ain’t

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