Randi makes a psychic squirm

In politics, there is an art in answering questions. When it’s a simple yes or no, there are some great steps you can take to blur the issue. See this wonderful Paxman interview for a quick lesson in evasion.

Redirection is a good step. Introduce new elements to the conversation, even if they are not relevant to the topic (the chewbacca defence). Try to redirect the conversation by asking a question instead of asking the one posed to you. Lying is a good one, dispute the facts that have been put to you. If the other person tries to prove you wrong, simply move on to a new subject. You don’t have to a politician to do this, you simply have to be someone who either knows they are wrong or someone who is unaware that they are wrong and cannot accept this to be the case. Randi has posted his recent Larry King Live appearance on his site. Following on from the recent Silvia Browne debacle, he is a guest on the show along with Rosmarie Altea, self-proclaimed psychic. Click here to view the videos.

Watch as she evades his questions regarding the million dollar challenge, she can’t give a simple yes or no answer. Randi’s face is a picture when she begins to advise scepticism when working with psychics. Kind of like an alcoholic advising people on how to drink moderately.


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