Protecting religious views

Normally I tend to believe that religious symbols have no place in schools but here is a cause worth fighting for.

Gillard’s diver

This concerns the tale of a classroom assistant who was given a terrible decision to make. Either he abandons his heart-felt religious convictions or he loses his job.

As a staunch member of The Fraternity of Neptune, he must wear full diving gear and oppose the heretical notion of fishing. Just as Christians leaders in the UK are currently fighting hard for their right to consider gays to be abominations, he cannot in good conscience participate in a classroom containing children of fishing families.

As Ruth Kelly, the staunch Catholic and government minister for Women and Equality, is arguing that Catholics should be allowed to send gays to the back of the bus, I hope she intervenes on behalf of this man.

What kind of society are we living in that allows such terrible discrimination to continue? I personally lost my job as a teacher when I refused to teach Dalits. I mean, how can I teach them when there is a serious danger of their shadows falling on and contaminating me?

Well, I wasn’t really a teacher but it was a very vivid dream.


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