Chris. Heir to the power of Sylvia Browne

Since Sylvia is getting bad press at the moment, I’d like to help her out by telling you a bit about her services, her son in particular. I visited her web site to do some research.

Few people know that Sylvia is an amazing scientist, seriously. We know this she has managed to locate the psychic gene. See this text from her site.

“Chris is an authentic psychic from birth. Being Sylvia’s son he shares in her genetic predisposition to psychic excellence. Chris is the only other psychic recommended by Sylvia.”

Wow, she has isolated the genetic explanation for psychic power! Assuming she published a paper, I did some searching. I haven’t found the paper but It must be there somewhere. I wonder why these so called scientists have ignore her amazing find; probably because they aren’t proper scientists.

I’m sure that the genetic psychic powers of Chris, her son, are the only reason why Sylvia chose to recommend him, her son. She must have reviewed the work of many other psychics before deciding to recommend Chris, her son, as the only psychic she will recommend.

Sylvia’s site goes on to explain how her powers work.

“Sylvia brings into your life a little part of the Other Side. She reminds you that your soul is glorious, exalted, and very precious to God. The Holy Spirit works through Sylvia to emanate God’s love, grace, and blessings.”

As someone who is acting as a conduit, Sylvia only charges a tiny fee for her services.

Phone reading with Sylvia – $750
Phone reading with Chris (her son) – $450

A bargain indeed. I would like to personally thank Sylvia and Chris for sacrificing their time to share the power of God with us all. Well, not all us but at least the ones who can afford $450 upwards for a 20-30 minute telephone consultation. Randi commented that one of the most expensive lawyers in the US charges $1000 dollars for an hour-long consultation. We know that lawyers have a reputation for being expensive but Syvlia’s charge would be around $1500 per-hour.

I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t work for free either, they just edited the haggling out of the Bible. Here’s a price list found in St. Peter’s Gospel. I’ve converted the prices in to a modern form.

Jesus’ Price List
Leprosy cure: $300
Walking on water at parties: $800 (including travel costs)
Raising from dead: $700
Smiting fortune tellers and mediums: free

Personally I’d recommend Jesus since he can offer some pretty decent services, not just vague ficticious babble.


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