The fatal power of alternative medicine

‘Alternative’ medicine has too often been afforded a status it does not deserve. Consider the following terms

Alternative medicine
Complementary medicine

Alternative medicine is the original name for pseudo-scientific junk like homeopathy. The word alternative suggests that it is something else to try instead of the regular choice. This is dangerous since it suggests that the alternative treatment is actually something you can use instead of the orthodox treatments. This is why the word alternative has fallen out of favour since it has a habit of getting people killed when they forsake conventional treatment for voodoo.

Complementary is a safer word to use since it doesn’t exclude the use of conventional medicine. This is more sustainable since patients can take both convention medicine and complementary medicine yet still get better. Of course, when they get better they can attribute their recovery to rosemary rather than the conventional remedy that their doctor prescribed.

Gambia is unfortunate but their misfortune helps me illustrate a point. Have you noticed that complementary practitioners don’t like being measured? They believe that their cures can’t be tested by conventional methods.

In Gambia, there is a healer who finds himself in the same situation. He claims to have a cure for AIDS yet he is widely derided. When asked to provide an sample of his remedy, his response was “Not in a million years”.

This is the president of Gambia who believes that he can cure AIDS on Thursdays.

In principle he is little different to those practising homeopathy in the west. We have an advantage though, we have education and a functioning health-system. This is why homeopaths tend to moderate their claims since they can be proven wrong when their patients die. In Gambia, they do not have this safety net. People are desperate and will clutch at any straws they are offered.

President Jammeh is falsely claiming to cure AIDS. By doing this, he condemns people to death since he requires them to give up their conventional drugs as part of his treatment regime. As well as the original victims, he leaves more open to infection since his patients believe themselves to be cured and so resume normal sex-lives – thus opening more to infection.

Compare Jammeh to your homeopath. I’m sure neither wish you harm but if Jammeh can take good intentions and use them to cause so much death and misery, ask yourself whether your homeopath would do the same under similar circumstances.


10 Responses to “The fatal power of alternative medicine”

  1. Joyce Hudson Says:

    I received your article through one of my on going Google searches, that arrives in my email. This response is a bit long. Sorry, but there is a lot of health information and criteria to make one think. Soooo, I like Allopathic medicine for diagnosis and surgery, but not much else. Sure there are exceptions. What? Cancer? I will touch upon that later. If I had a Natural Medical Practitioner near me, I doubt that I would even use Allopathic Medicine, unless it was for surgery. Allopathic medicine is what is practice in the USA and other parts of the world. Here in the USA, it’s what is controlled by the FDA, which is controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Oh, I forgot, the Insurance companies, also, help control Allopathic Medicine. Smile. All I know is our FDA allows cooking ware to be made from aluminum which is very toxic, and during the heating process the molecules of the aluminum exchange with the molecules of the food. So our bodies are being poisoned daily. And the FDA also, allows poisoning by allowing pesticides, fungicides, water cleansed with chemicals, Allopathic pharmaceuticals that harms us and so much more. Remember Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex?

    I am 57 years old and have had a lot of health problems in my life, including 10 surgeries. About 15 years ago, I would get an upper and lower respiratory infection, that would last 6 to 8 weeks. I would finally get well, and in a week be sick again. I went to my doctor several times for each illness and took all of the prescribed meds. I even asked several doctors, why I was getting sick and staying sick so long. NONE could tell me. I finally became responsible for myself! I started studying nutrition, herbs, and other alternative healing modalities. I discovered most illnesses are caused from lack of nutrition and stress. And stress can be physical, social, mental, emotional, and financial. I have not been to a doctor for colds, allergies, pneumonia, asthma or bronchitis, since I started learning about nutrition. I did it with nutrition, herbs, vitamins and Homeopathic medicine.

    I have helped family, friends, neighbors, and animals with suggestions on nutrition and herbs. I have even had doctors take my own brew (tea) recipe for upper and lower respiratory problems, because they knew it worked on me, neighbor, family, friends, and animals (a two week old baby goat). My Dad’s fiancé, has cancer and 13 months ago, the doctors gave up on her, and said she had 4 weeks to live. I helped her up with nutrition, vitamins, herbals, and homeopathic medicines. She is still fighting the cancer, but she is still here. It’s just been recently that we went to the organic foods. I can tell a difference in myself. I don’t have to take as many vitamins and supplements. Contrary to what a lot of organizations preach, dairy and meat are necessary for the body to work well. But the meat must be from grass fed and not grain fed. And are not poisoned (my word) with hormones or other chemicals. The vegetables can not be raised with pesticides or fungicides. These get in the food and slowly poison us. But the FDA allows it And eat as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible. But remember, greens, such as kale, spinach, and turnip greens should be cooked.

    Our immunization system is harmed when we do not eat balanced and healthy meals. Up to 70% of the nutrition is lost in packaged foods now a days. Not good is it? Then there’s the synthetic vitamins. No the body can’t break them down as well as natural. And no multiple vitamin can contain the amount of necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, that we need. And if you cook with a microwave, you can be killing up to 97% of some of the nutrients. I just found that out tonight. I still study. But I search for information globally on the internet. Spain performed this clinical test about the microwave.

    Homeopathy is a nontraditional system for treating and preventing disease, in which minute amounts of a substance (that in large amounts causes disease symptoms) are given to individuals. This helps build up our immunity. Now you know where are Allopathic allergy treatments and immunizations originated from.

    Let’s discuss the Allopathic medicines for a second. If you are healthy, you have no need for doctors or pharmaceuticals. We wouldn’t need as many doctors or medicines. Makes you think doesn’t it. Now for the pharmaceuticals. A lot of the pharmaceuticals are based on herbals that work, but the companies want to make money, so create synthetics for higher prices. No not all of the medicines, but I can give you an example, Valium. The herbal form is Valerian. You can’t kill yourself with Valerian but you can with Valium. If you try to overdose with Valerian, you will get a bad headache. Besides Valerian is too cheap for the Pharmaceutical companies to want to invest in. Remember they are here for profit. It’s also, why they want the Herbal Companies closed or controlled. They have been buying them out too.

    Herbs are basically feeding our bodies with the nutrients we need to get well. But you do have to be careful, due to mixing herbals with other herbals/medicines, allergies to herbals, and even the quality of herbals. Some brands are not as good as others. This is where the control should come in. What is on the label, is what should be in the bottle, strength and all. By the way vitamins aren’t controlled either. What is on the bottle is not necessarily what is in the tablet. And a lot are made by Pharmaceutical Companies. Back to herbals. Goldenseal is good to build up the immunity, but it will raise your blood pressure. Chamomile is excellent to relax you so you can sleep, but what if you are allergic to ragweed, which is a cousin of chamomile. I can’t drink it. So, one should go to a herbal practitioner, before jumping in. Or at least study! But the average American does not tend to want to learn. Takes too much time and effort. And if they are a single parent, they don’t have the time. Too many people prefer to be sheep and told what to do by Doctors, Politicians, or whoever is in authority at the moment. I prefer to rely upon God. God put the things here on Earth to help us.

    And yes, there have been cases of aids healed with nutrition, herbs and homeopathic medicine. Why haven’t we heard about them? Well, who controls the news media? Money and power. Many of the USA universities have ran clinical tests on most of the areas of nutrition. Do we ever hear about them? NO! And I have no idea how President Jammeh can cure Aids. But maybe he has help from others who do know how, or maybe, he is delusional.

    What all of this boils down to is unless you are thoroughly versed on a subject from person experience, don’t judge it. I also follow “Judge not lest ye be judged”. And that pertains to every step in your daily life. Also, don’t believe everything you are told, including what I have written. Investigate yourself. One of the best ministers I have ever heard, said to the congregation, “Do not believe what I say, because I say it. Read the Bible yourself. Study it and learn. Make your own decisions.”

    And speaking of reading, may I suggest reading “The Ultimate Healing System” by Donald LePore, N.D. This is the book that got me started on healing myself. Try watching “Foods as Medicine”, by Jerry Brunetti on the internet. There is so much information on the internet. You have to use discernment. It takes time and energy. And remember no two person’s chemical makeup are the same. So find out what works for you. And, yes, I know it takes a computer and most homes don’t have one. But there is the library. Also, set up some Google searches, that will report to you as it happens or once daily. It’s worth it. And remember, unfortunately, when it comes to education, the USA is, not in the top higher ranks. And neither are our Medical System. Blessings.

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so many health problems, it doesn’t sound like it was easy to get through it but you did.

    You are right that good nutrition is vital, this has a sound basis in science. A diet that contains the essential vitamins and minerals will always be preferable to a poor diet combined with vitamin supplements. There was a recent report in Ireland that came to the conclusion that excessive consumption of vitamin supplements was only good for making expensive urine since the body tends to discard what it can’t use, well in most cases anyway.

    Much of convention medicine is based on plants but in a synthesised or purified form. Aspirin is a classic example of this – far more effective and safer than eating willow bark.

    You most certainly can kill yourself with Valerian. It has been linked with liver damage (although this is still inconclusive). Herbal remedies are processed and the methods used will affect the efficacy (and risk) of the product. Are you familiar with digitalis? Digitalis is a family of plants that contain some compounds useful in medicine but you would definitely not want to simply pick a plant, grind it up and eat it since they tend to be pretty toxic.

    You said “And yes, there have been cases of aids healed with nutrition, herbs and homeopathic medicine. Why haven’t we heard about them?”.

    If you know about cases where this has been medically confirmed, can you provide links? I’m not interested in anecdotes though, I’ll only consider properly diagnoses patients to be a reliable source. Anyone could eat a banana and claim to have cured AIDS but it doesn’t prove anything unless they were tested prior to and after the treatment.

    We need to be open minded about traditional remedies as well as conventional medicine. Pharmaceutical companies are interested in making money, that is their primary goal of any publicly listed company. This doesn’t lend any credence to alternative medicine though – both types should be evaluated separately. If I want to be very cynical, I’d point out that natural remedies aren’t particularly cheap either – everyone wants to make money but we should judge them based on the efficacy of their treatments, not their motivations for making them. Do you think a policeman shouldn’t be trusted unless they work for free?

    Incidentally, homeopathy does not work on the same principle as vaccination. Vaccination should not be confused with Homeopathy’s law of similars. Vaccination introduces a normally inert bacteria or virus in to the system (imagine a gun that has had the barrel blocked) to allow the immune system to build antibodies.

    Homeopathy seemed effective when introduced by Hahnemann since it was less dangerous than conventional medicine. This is because homeopathy is fairly harmless, it’s just water after all.

  3. Uma Tiwari Says:

    I have same experience as Sean. I attended the talk of a very young man who was suffering from kidney faliure and no allopathy could heal him. All strong medicine given by allopathy made him more weak with great side effects. Finally he moved to naturopathy. He had all his certificate before and after healing. Duing his healing with naturopathy he stopped eating allopathy. And he was standing perfectly alright in front of us. I have several such examples. I strongly believe in naturapathy and I totally agree with Sean.

  4. Uma Says:

    Hey Sean Kehoe,
    Is there any way how I can contact you (phone preferred or email address). My father is extremely serious. He is suffering from pneumonia. I do see you mentioning about pneumonia in your previous mail. He is very old and weak. He had not opened his eyes from many days, his brain is not working and his tong is out. I think allopathic medicine is too strong for him and that is why I can see all these symptoms. I think so because few years back I saw same symptoms in him when he got very strong medicine by one of the best psychiatrist for partially loosing his medicine (btw because of these medicines he lost his memory totally!!!). After stopping these medicines completely and switching to very strict fruit and vegetable diet, his tong became alright and he partially got his memory back.
    I could use the same diet for him for pneumonia too but I am scared that fruits are too cold for him and it will worsen his pneumonia. It will be great help if in anyway you can help me out. It will save his life. I will be very thankful to you. Please reply to me. Please let me know how I can contact you. I do have strong belief in naturopathy because I saved his life once.

  5. Uma Says:

    Sorry my previous two mails I ment Joyce Hudson instead of Sean.

  6. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Medicine often causes side-effects because it contains active ingredients. Homeopathy and other alternative medicine produce fewer side-effects because they are ineffective.

    Many illnesses go in to remission without any medical treatment. I recently had a chest infection that could have been relieved by antibiotics, but I chose to just wait for it to run its course. Some antibiotics have horrible side-effects – including liver damage, so I prefer to avoid them unless they are really necessary. I could have changed my diet and then praised my ‘grapes and peanuts’ diet credit for my recovery when in fact I would have gotten better anyway – even if I switched to a diet of pizza, milk and honey.

    As Joyce said, diet can make a difference but if you’re considering changing the treatment of your father, please consult a conventional doctor for their advice. A doctor is perfectly qualified to offer nutritional advice.

    Although alternative treatments may appear to be effective, in most cases the body has simply healed itself, as mine did with my chest infection.

  7. Uma Says:

    Thanks Sean for your concern. It is way way more deeper than what you think. I have seen effect of no treatment, allopathic treatment and naturopathy — many times, for a very long period of time. No one in this world can convience me that allopathy in most cases is better than these alternative ways.

    Naturopathy is a way to live life. It says – provide body what it needs (fruits and vegetables) to fight against invadors and it will do its job. Our body has evolved in thousands of years and learned to fight against these invadors. I am not sure your area of work, if you read immunilogy, you will know there are hundreds of ways discorvered scientifically in which our body fight against diseases.

    I have heard about a person (from a very very relible source) who had a great experience to see a person who came out of his coma after 10 years. Just by love (yes love, care and touch therapy), fruits, vegetables, sun etc. etc. I know you and many more will never believe this. But it is truth.

    Btw, I am treating my father according to naturopathy. No allopathy medicine at all. He has started talking, eating. His eyes are open, he is more alert. Only problem is his fever which is not fine yet. But he is much better that before. Fever is a natural mechanism to fight bacterial infection. So under no circumstances I am not going to supress it. In a week or two I will mail you back and let you know what happened. I think this will prove our point.

  8. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Hi Uma,

    I’m glad to hear your father is responding well and I hope he makes a full recovery. I’ve no doubt that love, as well as a balanced diet can work wonders. It’s believed that many people feel better after consulting an alternative medicine practionier because of the time they spend with them. My job provides a similar example.

    I work in a technical support role, which in theory is simply a case of fixing the technical problem and the customer goes away happy. It doesn’t work that way though. As well as the act of fixing the issue, it’s important to spend time with the customer and make them feel that their issue is understood and that I am interested in helping them. Medicine can work this way in that a regular doctor has a lot of patients to see and their priority will be to fix the ailment. A

    n alternative practioner can spend more time talking with the patient, even touching them in pleasant ways. This is one theory as to how therapeutic massage makes people feel better. I know that if I’m ill, I want the medical treatment but I also want a human who cares about my wellbeing and will listen to my concerns. In the past when I’ve needed medical care, I’ve been fortunate to be treated by people who would chat and spend time with me, even while connecting strange things to my body. It makes a difference. However, love can’t directly cure malaria or cause a cancer to go in to remission. People have emerged from alternative treatement to feel great about themselves as their ailment continues to devour their bodies.

    The body can heal many ailments and there are stories of incredible recoveries, each one a pleasure to read. However, until a treatment can be properly tested it remains unproven. If touch therapy could be tested and proven to work, it would be a very useful addition to medicine. Anecdotes, no matter how uplifiting, do not prove the efficacy of a treatment and so it’s risky to rely on an unproven treatment. Seldom a day goes by without someone in the world claiming a miraculous recovery from an ailment, or an escape from an almost certain-death situation. Unfortunately, many people will die due to the misleading claims, in some cases deliberately so, of alternative medicine practictioners.

    Fever may play a role in the body’s ability to deal with disorders, and in most cases it can run its course but this isn’t always the case. A fever can place an incredible strain on the body though, so it can be sensible to control it through medication.

    I think like most sceptics, I would love to see alternative treatments tested and proven to work. Once they are proven, they are no longer alternative, they are orthodox.

    Do please let me know how your father does, it sounds like he has a very caring daughter. I would hope though that you discuss the treatment with a doctor. Just as in technical support, the doctor (or techie) are trying to help but sometimes their treatment will carry a price. Sometimes it’s necessary to replace that failing hard-drive, even if it ultimately means losing the photos of your grandchildren.

  9. Uma Says:

    I am not doctor so yes I am doing everything in agreement with doctor’s suggestion. You are right about fever. I am against medicines for mild conditions but I think for sever condition many times allopathy is life saving.

    I reliazed you are not against alternative medicine but ment that they are not ultimate solution – I totally agree with you.

    Btw I did switch to allopathy medicines immedicately as per doctors suggestion. You win 🙂

  10. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Hopefully it’s your father who’ll win and enjoy many more years with us 😉

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