Audiophiles: £1,500 for the a mains power cord?

Some people worship a God, others claim to see the future in the stars or banish evil with crystals. Even worse, some audiophiles claim to understand electronics while wasting their money on the audio equivalent of Kabbalah Water.

This is a regular look at some of the crazy audophile products available to people with little sense but a lot of money.

Product: The Russ Andrews Silver Signature PowerKord™.

Price: £1,500 (approximately US$2,889.35) or £2,550.00 for the 2 metre version.

Claims: A mains power cord designed to provide a high level of insulation and low resistance. Presumably your hi-fi is supposed to benefit from having better quality electricity, not the cheap nasty electricity that the rest of us use.

Cold reality: This product is no better than a 5 dollar power lead from Radio Shack and here’s why. The electricity that comes in to your house has already travelled many miles through regular copper cable. Is it likely that having super cable for it to travel the final metre is going to make a difference? Peter Aczel, writing for The Audio Critic, put it best when he asked the question “Does your car care about the hose you filled the tank with?”

Besides, the voltage is going to be converted to DC before it reaches the components that create the sound. If you believe that this power cable will improve your sound quality then you should buy one to use on your PC. The power cable will probably make Windows run faster.


2 Responses to “Audiophiles: £1,500 for the a mains power cord?”

  1. Raymond Poulin, Québec Says:

    I auditioned many power cables in my own system and confirm what you said: no difference. Special power cables are an outright fraud, and the same for special speaker cables.

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Thanks Raymond. You definitely did the smart thing in trying the cables before buying them. I’m wondering if there is a basis in law for challenging the companies that sell these things.

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