Novus Spiritus. Is it time to call shennanigans?

I’m very slowly working on some research regarding Novus Spiritus – the religion that Sylvia Browne appears to have pulled out of her arse – with the assistance of her curiously inconsistent spirit guide ‘Francine’.

In the mean-time, Robert Lancaster has posted some excellent articles regarding this religion.

When is a diamond not a diamond? When it’s a cubic zirconia sold as a diamond.

From the horse’s mouth – A Novus board member responds.

Control that Scientology would be proud of.

It’s strange that a religion founded by Sylvia Browne could be attracting this kind of controversy. Why hasn’t Francine warned Sylvia?


7 Responses to “Novus Spiritus. Is it time to call shennanigans?”

  1. kimberly Says:

    Funny… that she has invented something that I have always felt as true. To each his/her own.

  2. Sean Kehoe Says:

    It’s not uncommon for two people to come up with the same invention, particularly when that invention is just a rehashing of existing ideas. Christianity and Islam certainly borrow quite a lot from judaism – not least of all Yahweh.

    Sylvia hasn’t invented anything original. She’s just managed to mash together Christianity and assorted pagan beliefs. She actually does an amazing job since her new religion is just as internally inconsisten and nonsensical as Christianity.

  3. Ray Says:

    Sylvia Brown is the anti-Christ!

  4. Deanna Fears Says:

    Since I have been introduced to Novus and reading about the “Other Side” I am finally feeling some peace within myself. Sylvia Brown is a beautiful person and we should all thank her for sharing with us what she knows. I don’t see a good argument yet for her to waste her time on. She has the answers for the faith based believers if you just take the time to listen it does make sense.

  5. Sean Kehoe Says:

    I’ve listened to what she has to say and it doesn’t make sense. It’s just a mish-mash of existing religious ideas that make as much sense as any other religion, i.e. not a lot. If you’ve read some of her work, you’ll notice that she’s pretty inconsistent in her descriptions of the other side. See this article for details.

    Sylvia isn’t the only one who has answers for “faith based believers”. Since they are willing to just take things on faith, anyone can have the answers. I can claim that the world was created by extra-terrestrial lizards and that would provide answers to anyone with the faith to believe my stories.

    Sylvia Browne is not a “beautiful person”. She is making a living because people are gullible enough to give her money. Would a beautiful person tell parents that their child is dead, only for the child to be found alive? Even if I believed I had psychic powers, if I made one mistake of this magnitude I’d quit the psychic game because I would not want to cause any more pain. She continues to ply her trade and will no doubt cause unnecessary suffering to others, all the while her chearleaders will blindly accept what she says and support her.

    As a Syvlia Browne supporter, you bear some responsibility for her actions since her supporters help her continue to exploit people. Is your inner-peace worth the suffering of the Hornbecks?

  6. achillescounselor Says:

    Kimberly, I know exactly what you have felt. There have been way too many coincidences in my life for me to think its all some chaotic random experience. Although I wouldn’t call myself a psychic , I also do have psychic experiences and Sylvia’s description of those experiences match mine exactly.

    If Sylvia Browne didn’t have the ability to help others or give others unique insights and information then she wouldn’t be rich or famous. The Fact is, she is making money, BECAUSE she has abilities that few possess. People pay to experience the mastery of an art. She happens to be a Master Psychic, therefore, she will naturally be successful in life because their aren’t that many master psychics out othere, just as their aren’t that many David Beckhams or Michael Jordans, or what have you.

    Planly put, she is making money off of people who have had the same experiences she has had and want an expert on the subject to help explain it to them.

  7. Sean Kehoe Says:

    Achillescounselor. The willingness of people to give Browne hundreds of dollars is proof that she’s a good manipulator, and that there are many gullible people out there. However, it’s hardly proof of psychic abilities.

    I suggest you look at Derren Brown’s work for examples of how psychic readings can be made quite convincing.

    By following the popularity argument, we could arrive at the conclusion that Jim Jones was indeed the reincarnation of Jesus and Buddha, among others.

    Incidentally, here’s a quote from the part of her site that’s advertising her $850 phone readings:

    Sylvia brings into your life a little part of the Other Side. She reminds you that your soul is glorious, exalted, and very precious to God. The Holy Spirit works through Sylvia to emanate God’s love, grace, and blessings.

    If she is indeed a conduit for the holy spirit, isn’t it odd for her to be charging so much for her time? Do you think that’s reasonable in light of her divine purpose? Beckham earns an obscene amount of money, but at least he’s not claiming to be some kind of messenger for God. If my soul is precious to God, why do I have to pay his appointed messenger upwards of $850 in order to learn that?

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