All original material is owned by Sean Kehoe and released under a Creative Commons licence. Click the link for more details but essentially this means you can do the following.

Copy, redistribute and modify the text as long as you attribute me as the author. If you can link back to me then I’ll be happy and will possibly love you.

You can’t use the content for comercial purposes without asking me first. If you want to use any of this material for comercial purposes I’d suggest proof-reading and spellchecking it first since there are likely to be some howlers in there.

I often quote from other sources. In these cases, to the best of my knowledge the authors have given permission for their articles to be distributed or the quotes are fair-use since you can’t reasonably refute an article without quoting some of the text. If you are the author of a work and you feel it is being used illegally please contact me and I will make the necessary changes.

I take no responsibility for the comments posted here by visitors but please let me know if you see any comments that are illegal or just plain dodgy.


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